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Contact information

Written 2009-07-11

If you need to get in contact with me, you can use the means below, in the order as they are written. Please don't disturb unless it's important.


You can reach me at

Instant messaging

I'm registered on a couple of networks, but I really prefer that you use MSN Messenger, as this is the only one I'm on regularely. And please don't send invites unless we have already spoken elsewhere. I don't like it. If you prefer to talk with me in a bit more public fashion, I'm regularely on and under the nick robinsmidsrod.


You can reach me at +47 91593393 (cellphone). My home phone I prefer not to disclose. Please don't call me there unless it has already been arranged.

Physical address

If you want to visit me you can find me at this address (but do remember to call first, as I don't have much time available):

Robin Smidsrød
Vestre Ekeberg 32
3157 Barkåker